N. Arul Balaji (Chief Director)

We practice what we say. Pathological results are very important in diagnosis and medication of a patient. Starting from the requisition section up to the report generation, we take utmost care in understanding and taking note of patients' medical condition, test(s) requested. With the state of the art facility and under strict adherence to our quality objective we conduct the tests. Multiple check points are in place to verify and approve the reports before final delivery.

We try our level best to provide our technicians, executives, laboratory experts and all the members associated with us, a professional yet healthy environment, thereby ensuring quality services rendered by all of us all the time.

We keep patient’s satisfaction as our top priority, while choosing a doctor in addressing the patient’s illness. Skin and Psychotherapy are our core areas of therapy. Ortho, Diabeto, Neuro, Gynecology and Pediatic practices are also done. Physiotherapy support is given as add on to better attention.

Meetings, Gathering of doctors and Yoga sessions are also done through the support of Mini Hall present at our Clinic. An homely environment is our motto while addressing the treatment to the ailment.

Home collections of blood sample for testing and Home visits by our doctors are the pillars of success in the locality that we keep our Clinic in Perungudi.

A grievance/suggestion box is made available at the premises to gather feedback from our valued service recipients. A separate team under our management's monitoring, periodically asses such grievances/suggestions for any corrective actions if any.

We believe in continual improvement, thereby providing best possible services to all who seek our service.